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A Month Of Milestones

For me, July is a month of milestones. Already this month, before today, I can list the following milestones:

  • Sold a business. Really just a part of my business, but it needed to go on and it needed owners better able to help it grow.
  • Became President of my Toastmasters Club.
  • Launched this website.
  • Had a hurricane named after me. Hurricane Barbara is a Pacific hurricane so it doesn’t get near the attention of those in the Atlantic.

Now it comes to today, July 16th. I have 3 new milestones to announce.

I turned 65. Seriously, it’s a big deal since 2 of my 4 siblings lost that opportunity. They both only lived to the age of 48. Apparently, turning 65 is a big deal. It must be based upon all the mail (both snail and e-) and phone calls I’ve gotten in the past 6 months. It’s hard to comprehend that there are that many companies selling medicare supplemental packages.
I wrote my millionth word in! If you are a writer or a wannabe writer and want to up your game, you could check them out. I’ve been writing there daily, at least 750 words every day, since March of 2016, without missing a single day. And today I reached one million words.
I launched my podcast!

That last one, the podcast, is what really prompted me to write here today. So I could add another milestone since this is the start of this blog.

The podcast has been long in the planning. And it took a bit for me to get it started. You would think that, as many blogs as I’ve started (I’ve lost count) and as many blog posts as I’ve written, that a podcast would be easy.

You would think that.

Yet there is this part of me that says I need to be in perfect health before I talk about self powered healing. So I had to get past that.

The truth is that I’ve been doing self powered healing for most of my life.

My first experience was at age 16 when I began having migraines. By the second day, I knew to start looking at what had changed to cause those headaches. (In reality, though they were migraines, I did not realize that at the time.) And so I saved myself many migraines, as well as doctor visits and drugs not taken.

Since then, I have had to be my own diagnostician on many occasions. And I have learned to listen to my own body. When something is wrong, I am often able to figure out the cause. It makes for an interesting experience as I’ve come to see first hand the impact that stress can have on chronic pain. I have some joint issues that were causing me lots of pain, but I’ve been able to keep them under control.

Twice lately, I have seen the pain increase dramatically. And then go back down. All because of something that I’ve been stressing about.

Stress and emotions related to childhood trauma. If you get those under control, most chronic disease would be cleared up. That’s what I’ve learned in the past few years of studying healing.

While you’re here, check out the podcast. (It’s a soft launch right now. Stay tuned!)