We heal every day. From little cuts to broken bones. From invading bacteria and viruses. Even from out-of-control cells that want to turn into cancer. Our immune system knows how to control invaders. And our body has built-in processes to heal cuts and broken bones.

The secret? There’s much more to it than that. We were built to be self healing. In many ways that you may not even realize.

There’s the built-in system, but there is is so much more we can do.

I’m Barbara McNeely, the creator of Self Powered Healing. I’ve been a science junkie since 7th grade. I’ve also been on a self healing journey most of my life. It didn’t start intentionally. It started out of desperation when I encountered health issues that stumped the doctors.

I majored in Biology and worked in medical research for several years, before moving on to computer programming. It was economics that drove that change, but I didn’t ever leave science. In 2010, I chose the path of studying to be a health coach. I’m still reading and learning about how the body works, what new discoveries science has made, and about healing.

Studying about healing didn’t start out as a plan. I was reading about what interested me and one day looked back to see that for several years everything I read was about healing:

Natural healing. The real causes of disease. Healing Modalities. Seemingly miraculous healings.

Did you know there are simple things you can do, changes you can make, that can improve your health?

One day, I finally realized that what I was learning about healing needed to be shared.

We are a world in pain. A world in need of healing. What if I could make people aware of the power they have over their own health?

And that is why I created Self Powered Healing. A place to talk about healing and what you can do. I’ll be blogging about healing as well as talking about healing on my podcast. And more to come, including talking with healers and with people who have healed in amazing ways.

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