• How to Relax Naturally

    It’s not enough to try not to stress. You have to have something else to fill that part of you that is worrying. Something to lift your mood, in a natural and sustainable way. Read on to learn about 5 ways to relax naturally.
  • Healing From the Heart

    The human heart is much more than a pump. it can sense, feel, communicate with the brain, and even help with natural healing. Want to learn more about the heart?
  • How Stress Impacts Our Health

    We live in a fear based society a world full of stress. We know how stress shows up in our lives with our busy, fast paced world, sped up by the technology that always wants us to do something. Could all that fear and stress be making us sick? Let's find out.
  • Our Words Impact Our Healing

    And I knew that once they identified her disease for her, once every went around her accepted her diagnosis and reinforced it and repeated it back to her time and again, there was no way she could stop it. The visible becomes inevitable. 
  • A Month Of Milestones

    July, the month of milestones for me. Three of them just today. Read on to learn more.