• The Placebo Effect, Nocebo Effect and Belief

    The placebo effect is real and can be as healing as actual medication. There’s also a nocebo effect which you may not have heard of. They both are about belief. Let's explore how the placebo effect, the nocebo effect, and belief affect healing.
  • Healing From the Heart

    The human heart is much more than a pump. it can sense, feel, communicate with the brain, and even help with natural healing. Want to learn more about the heart?
  • Our Words Impact Our Healing

    And I knew that once they identified her disease for her, once every went around her accepted her diagnosis and reinforced it and repeated it back to her time and again, there was no way she could stop it. The visible becomes inevitable. 
  • Why We Resist Healing

    Why do we have resistance to healing? What makes us do things we know aren’t in our best interest or not do things we know would benefit us? Read on to learn about resistance to healing and how to overcome it.